Kindergarten Curriculum

The Kindergarten curriculum at Rancho Solano is designed to encourage students' natural interest in the world through creative, age-appropriate activities and the exploration of topics that are meaningful to young students.

Language Arts

Our accelerated Kindergarten Program continues work on the building blocks of language arts. We use explicit instruction in phonemic awareness and sound-spelling correspondence.

Reading Readiness

  • Phonemic awareness (oral blending, segmentation, rhyming)
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar (parts of speech, sentences, usage, mechanics)
  • Spelling
  • Print/book awareness

By the beginning of Kindergarten, most children can read and comprehend any book or story suitable to their individual abilities.

Writing Instruction

  • Exposes students to different types of writing (poems, autobiographies, letters and stories)
  • Teaches them to apply learned vocabulary to their work
  • Introduces techniques for editing (peer, individual, teacher)


Designed to relate to students’ interests, the curriculum teaches them to define and solve problems. This develops invaluable reasoning skills. Students learn that mathematics has its own language and build their mathematics vocabulary.

The math curriculum exposes students to:

  • Number writing
  • Word problems
  • Ordinal positioning
  • Counting/adding money
  • Fractions (introduction)
  • Learning techniques
  • Strategies for problem solving, measurement and adding double digit numbers without regrouping.


We encourage students’ sense of wonder and natural curiosity in the world. They engage in hands-on science activities and experiments, working individually, with a partner or in a group. Students test hypotheses, observe, describe, classify, analyze data and communicate their findings orally and in writing.

Social Studies

Using a theme-based approach, the social studies program explores topics that are meaningful to students of this age. Students begin understand the smallest parts of the world around them and how best to negotiate these parts. This increases their understanding as their world expands.


Students learn the basics of keyboarding and simple word processing. We use fun, challenging computer-based projects to enhance the classroom curriculum.

Students become proficient with word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and graphics software. Additionally, teachers use Internet-based projects to reinforce skills and bring a new dimension to the learning process. Every classroom has one or more computers for student use, in addition to our computer labs.

World Language - Spanish

Fun and play form the foundation for our kindergarten Spanish classes. Students learn key phrases in their new language through simple, repeated songs and chants. They become familiar with more complex aspects of the language through a variety of multisensory activities.

Music and Art

Our Early Learning and Kindergarten Music program incorporates a "hands-on" and "minds-on" approach by combining elements from the Suzuki Violin method with the Orff Methods. This unique combination and approach aids students in learning to read, feel, and internalize music; making new cognitive connections with every class.

Visual Arts 

Visual Arts in Early Learning and Kindergarten stimulate creativity and encourage students to establish connections between art and other disciplines, such as history and world cultures. Students also investigate the relationship between colors, shapes, and lines through hands-on, age-appropriate activities. Our instructors use a variety of materials and techniques to expose students to the many possibilities that exist within visual arts.

Physical Education

Physical Education classes focus on gross motor skills to strengthen the large muscle groups of the body. They also increase coordination through movement activities and games. A non-competitive environment helps students feel safe to try new skills.

Character Education

Emphasis on character development begins as soon as students set foot on a Rancho Solano campus. Our students learn to be productive citizens of the world. We incorporate the Rancho Five – Respectful, Responsible, Polite, Considerate, Successful – into a curriculum that transitions outside the walls of the classroom.

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