At Rancho Solano, we understand the important role technology plays in the lives of our students today and the impact it will have on their tomorrow. Our information technology or “hardware” exceedingly provides a secure environment to explore online content with the most modern technology, but we believe that a true technology education is more than putting devices in the hands of students and teachers. As leaders in 21st century education our mission is to educate our communities on the importance of Digital Literacy and Citizenship when using technology.

Digital Literacy is far more than just the understanding of current technologies. Being digitally literate is defined by the ability to find, evaluate, create and present valuable information using digital platforms. Using cutting edge computer programs, apps, and the internet sites are just a few of the ways in which we are already implementing digital literacy education in our schools.

Digital Citizenship can best be described as the proper education in using modern technologies safely. In this current era it is vital that all understand online privacy, online self-identity and reputation, cyber-bullying, online safety, digital footprints, communication, copyrights, and information literacy. Regardless of what technology we use, it is important to understand that communicating with others should be done properly, even when we are online, and becoming an educated Digital Citizen will help keep students safe and productive now and in their digital future.

As a school we are working towards educating each of our administrators, teachers, parents, and students in all areas of the 21st century learner. Our technology education programs go far beyond just the basics of the typing and slideshows of the past. Our students utilize technology to position themselves in a global community. Our technology curriculum is guided by the best information that the world has to offer because our students deserve nothing less. And we are just getting started. Our mission is to make sure that graduates of Rancho Solano manipulate technology to distinguish themselves above the rest.

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