The Case for Enrolling in Pre-K at
Rancho Solano

September 15, 2017

Parents often ask, “When is the right time to start Pre-Kindergarten?” and “What are the advantages to starting my child in private school?” Children will always develop in their own way and on their own timeline. However, the environment you choose has the potential to greatly enhance a child’s development. To read further on the benefits of starting your child early, has posted a wonderful article which can be found here. Listed below are some of the advantages to consider when deciding to enroll your child in Rancho Solano’s Pre-K program:

  • Academic Exposure –Rancho Solano introduces children to phonetic learning and math concepts in our Mini Mustang program which begins when a child is 2 ¾ years of age. This exposure continues through our PK4 classrooms, where a comprehensive kindergarten-readiness curriculum is taught and prepares children for a high-level of achievement throughout elementary school. Additionally, our program is a comprehensive curriculum. This includes the following curricular activities that meet weekly: science, science lab, language arts, math, social studies, music, art, Spanish, computer lab, library, and PE!
  • Engagement – Children should love going to school, be excited to learn, and eager to see what is next. Rancho Solano’s Pre-K program is designed to stimulate engagement through our carefully planned out, age-appropriate curriculum, especially when it’s combined with our interactive learning philosophy. As a part of the Rancho Solano Admissions team, one of the most difficult things to experience is when a child applies for admission and is completely disengaged and no longer enjoying school. The best way to combat this disinterest is by focusing on the whole child, which is something we exhibit with pride.
  • Parent/Teacher Relationships – At Rancho Solano, every child’s success is the product of a synergistic relationship between parent and teacher. We must partner together to understand each child’s strengths, areas of opportunity, learning styles, and individual goals. It is our own goal to communicate in an open and transparent manner, with an open-door policy encouraging parents to actively work with faculty to make your child’s experience positive, healthy, and happy.

To learn more about Rancho Solano’s Pre-K programs, please contact Sarah Baker, Admissions Representative.


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