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Rancho Solano Preparatory School offers a variety of after school enrichment programs that encompass theater, art, science, dance, music, technology, and athletics in environments designed to foster curiosity, discovery, collaboration, and inspiration.

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Overtime charges If a student is picked up after the normal dispersal time and is not enrolled in the ‘after-school’ program, there will be an overtime fee automatically charged to the student’s account. Students enrolled in ‘after-school’ clubs or classes will not be charged provided that they are picked up immediately following the conclusion of their club or class. Siblings of children involved in after school classes, clubs, or sports are subject to after school fees and charges. All children must be picked up prior to the 5:30pm closing time of the campus. Students not picked up at their dismissal time will be assessed a $30 fee. After 5:30pm a fee of $10 per child will be assessed with an additional $5 charged for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Offered Thursdays
PK3-5th 3:15-4:00
Semester - $360

Offered Fridays
K-1st 3:00-4:00
2nd-5th 4:00-5:00
Quarter 4 - $132
Studies by major corporations and universities have shown that chess can help students increase their math and verbal skills, as well as their creative and critical thinking abilities. Coach Dhuha Mohsin will be the coach for the semester.  Dhuha is a refugee that moved here from Iraq back in the early 2000's during the war and has been in Arizona since.  She has been teaching with us for 7+ years.  She is also a FIDE master of chess with a rating of over 2000.  She has played international chess tournaments.  Most importantly she is an excellent teacher that is passionate about the game.

Offered Tuesdays
PK3-1st 3:15-3:45
2nd-5th 3:45-4:15
Semester - $360

Offered Wednesdays
PK 2:45-3:25
Quarter 4 - $159
New activity each week!

JumpBunch - Sports
Offered Wednesdays
K-2nd 3:25-4:05
Quarter 4 - $159
New sport or activity every week!

JumpBunch - Sports T-Ball/Coach Pitch Clinic
Offered Fridays
PreK - 3:00-3:40
K-2nd 3:40-4:20
Quarter 4 - $119
T-Ball/Coach Pitch Clinic. Learn to throw, catch, run bases, bat, and field.

Kung Fu
Offered Tuesdays
K-1st 3:10-3:40
2nd-5th 3:40-4:25
Quarter 4 - $160
Students learn the aspects Martial Arts including discipline, leadership, focus, and confidence. 

Little Mustangs
Boys and Girls Soccer
Offered Tuesdays/Thursdays
K-2nd 3:15-4:00
Quarter 4 - $180
We are offering boys and girls soccer as part of our Little Mustangs Athletic Program to our K-2nd grade student-athletes. 

Little Mustangs
Flag Football
Offered Tuesdays/Thursdays
1st-4th  4:00-5:00
Quarter 4 - $180

Rancho Solano Tennis
Offered Fridays
K-5th - 3:15-4:15
Quarter 4 - $120 for six classes @ RSPS
K-5th - 3:30-5:00
Quarter 4 - $180 for six classes off-site
The Tennis Program will focus on three things: fun, exercise, and learning the game of tennis correctly. 

Offered Mondays
3rd-5th 4:00-4:45
Quarter 4 - $180 
Learn to dance salsa, merengue, and marinera. No previous experience required. Just come and have fun!

Science Matters
Offered Mondays
PreK3-PreK4 2:45-3:30
K-1st 3:30-4:15 
Quarter 4 - $180

Offered Mondays
2nd-5th 3:30-4:30
Quarter 4 - $180
Students will have hands-on opportunities and experiences to apply science, engineering, and math concepts to plan, design, and create projects using a 3d printer located on our campus. Experienced instructors will facilitate club activities and monitor student progress on projects. Additionally, STEM Club members will learn troubleshooting techniques in order to become our 3d printer “experts” for their peers and for our Lower School Campus.

Young Rembrandts
Offered Wednesdays
PK4 2:40-3:20
K-5th 3:30-4:30
Quarter 4 $80 for PK4 and $120 for K-5th 
THE ULTIMATE DRAWING EXPERIENCE! Children have fun learning to draw with a see-then-do method ensuring success regardless of artistic ability! We encourage student's enthusiasm for art by giving them an "I can do it" attitude. Watch your child's creativity, confidence & critical thinking skills soar. 

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